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Employee Benefits

We work with companies' HR management to design, implement and support the development of social benefit plans for their employees, seeking to achieve balance in the cost/benefit ratio. Bearing in mind the tax framework applicable to each case, we also seek to optimise fiscal benefits to the company and to its employees.

Businesses display a high level of social responsibility by providing employees and their families with the following:

•    Health Insurance, giving them access to the private health system;

•    Group Life Insurance, guaranteeing economic survival or protection for the future in the event of tragic circumstances such as death or disability.

These employee benefits also include products which provide financing of supplementary pension plans:

•    Capital Redemption Policies

•    Pension Funds

By granting this kind of benefits, the company implements an additional mechanism to ensure satisfaction and motivation of its employees at a low payroll cost. This approach of investment in social protection by corporate bodies with regard to the people which comprise them is becoming increasingly important.

Flexible Benefits

Flexible Benefits Plans are growingly popular in the Portuguese market, so COSTA DUARTE established a partnership with FLEXBEN to enable us to offer a suitable solution to our clients.


FLEXBEN is a system that allows companies to define, implement and manage in an integrated and efficient way their Flexible Benefits plan, optimizing processes and allowing for a bigger fiscal efficiency both for the company and for the employees.