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Engineering Risks

A service which satisfies your requirements!

For almost two decades we have been studying and offering specific insurance solutions for the construction industry, taking into account contractual obligations and exposure to risk, both in public works (airports, metro lines, roads and motorways) and civil construction (football stadiums, buildings, renewable energy).

We propose insurances or solutions involving specific covers for the construction industry - in public works or buildings - which comply with contractual obligations and which take the exposure to risk of the parties involved into consideration.

Our commitment includes:

•    Evaluating the insurability of the contractual obligations

•    Whenever necessary, we approach the main markets specializing in this type of insurance

•    Getting the best contract wording

•    Controlling and checking the best issue of Policies and Endorsements and Premium Receipts

•    Promoting training initiatives to clarify the scope and limits of cover taken out

•    Providing permanent assistance in the event of an accident, whether in monitoring inspections or in the preparation of documentation for the loss adjustors, aiming at a quick and fair settlement of the losses

•    Analysing the sufficiency of the policies taken out by other parties involved 

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