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Special Information Duties

(Article 31º, of Law 7/2019, of the 16th January)

Costa Duarte – Corretor de Seguros, SA, with headquarters at Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, nº 130 – 4º, 1050-020 Lisbon, website www.costaduarte.pt, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Telephone: 213504440, tax code 503976555. It’s registered with the ASF - Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds, since 27/01/2007, in the category of Insurance Broker, under no. 607084984/3, authorized to practice insurance distribution activities in both Life and Non-Life, which can be verified and confirmed at www.asf.com.pt.


Costa Duarte does not own any qualified share in any insurance company, nor in an intermidiary owned by an insurance company or by the parent company of any insurance company.

Likewise, no insurance company or parent company of any insurance company holds any qualifying share in Costa Duarte.

As an Insurance Broker, Costa Duarte carries out insurance distribution activity independently from insurance companies and is not under a contractual obligation to conduct insurance distribution activity exclusively to one or more insurance companies and never places its own interests above the interests of our clients.

When applicable, Costa Duarte will inform the client of the names of the insurance companies relevant to the requirements and needs presented


Costa Duarte's intervention does not end with the celebration of the insurance contract, involving the assistance throughout its contractual term. Costa Duarte is authorized to receive premiums to be delivered to the insurance company and is generally authorized to celebrate insurance in the name or in behalf of insurance companies, but never proposes nor assumes risk coverage on its own name, an exclusive competence of insurance companies in accordance with applicable law.


Costa Duarte provide advice based on the impartial analysis of a sufficiently large and diverse number of types of insurances available in the market, recommending according to professional criteria the insurance that best suits the client's need.


Normally, no other intermediaries are involved in the insurances celebrated with the client, but if in the same insurance other intermediaries are involved, they are all jointly and severally liable towards the insureds, policyholders and insurance companies for the acts of distribution performed.


The remuneration of Costa Duarte for the insurance distribution activity can consist:

  • On the basis of a commission that is included in the insurance premium paid by the client to the insurance company;
  • On the basis of a pre-agreed fee, that paid directly by the client;
  • On other type of remuneration in connection with the insurance contract;
  • On the basis of a combination of any type of remuneration above mentioned.

The client has the right to ask information about the remuneration scheme, nature and amount to be received for the insurance distribution services, which will be provided when demanded to your account executive.

Complaint Management

In case of insactisfaction with the services performed by Costa Duarte, or as well as any allegation of non-compliance, clients may present a written complaint in accordance with the procedures of the Policy of Treatment Clients and Complaint Management that can be obtained at www.costaduarte.pt

Without prejudice to the possibility of recourse to courts of justice or to dispute settlement bodies (CIMPAS -Centro de Informação, Mediação, Provedoria e Arbitragem de Seguros), or other bodies that may be created for this purpose, complaints by policyholders and other stakeholders must be submitted to ASF, either directly or through the complaints book available in the Broker's establishment or in the electronic book available at www.costaduarte.pt 

Personal Data Protection

Personal data transmitted as part of presenting, proposing, settling up and signing the insurance contract, through Costa Duarte, including precontractual diligences and assistance to contract management, especially in case of claim, will be treated, processed and stored in a digital format by Costa Duarte, acting as Data Controller and shall be used to perform and manage the contractual relation with the Data Subject and with the Insurer, within the terms and in compliance with Costa Duarte’s Privacy Policy available at www.costaduarte.pt 

Any information that is omitted, incorrect or outdated regarding data that must be provided, or optionally provided, is of the responsibility of the Data Subject, whether in its role as the policyholder, insured, beneficiary or respective representative and, additionally, of claimants or third parties and their representatives.

Costa Duarte, in its legitimate interest or in the interests of third parties, may:

  • Process personal data to perform service quality and improvement audits / satisfaction analyses.
  • Process personal data gathered through the legal and contractual relation, during its validity period, for communication campaigns and commercialization actions for products and services that are related, or not, with those transacted with the Data Subject, but which are not necessary for execution and management of the said products and services.

If Data Subjects do not wish to receive the said notifications, they may reject them immediately, or as each notification is received, according to the conditions specified in the Privacy Policy.


Special Information Duties


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